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How is Craft Ice Made - Phat Anh tien Ice

Craft ice is made using a special process that involves filtering and freezing water in a way that produces crystal-clear ice cubes that melt slowly and do not alter the flavor of a drink.

  1. Purified water is filtered to remove impurities and minerals that could cloud the ice or alter its taste.

  2. The water is then poured into molds and frozen slowly in a temperature-controlled environment. This slow freezing process helps to eliminate air bubbles and impurities from the ice, resulting in a clearer and denser cube.

  3. Once the ice has frozen, it is removed from the molds and hand-cut or shaped into the desired size and shape.

  4. The ice is then stored in a temperature-controlled environment until it is ready to be used.

Some craft ice makers use additional techniques, such as reverse osmosis filtration or directional freezing, to further enhance the clarity and quality of the ice.

The result is a slow-melting, pure, and visually stunning ice cube that elevates the overall experience of any cocktail or beverage.

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