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The Science Behind Clear Ice by Phat Anh Tien Ice

The science behind clear ice has to do with the way water molecules freeze and how impurities are excluded during the freezing process.

When water freezes slowly, as is the case with clear ice, the molecules have more time to arrange themselves into a crystal lattice structure, which results in a more uniform and dense ice cube. This slow freezing process also allows for trapped air bubbles and impurities to rise to the top, which can then be removed, resulting in a clear ice cube.

In contrast, when water freezes quickly, as in a standard home freezer, ice crystals form rapidly in multiple directions, trapping air bubbles and impurities within the ice cube, resulting in cloudy or opaque ice.

Another factor that contributes to the clarity of craft ice is the use of purified water that has been filtered to remove minerals and impurities that can cause cloudiness or affect the taste of the ice.

At Phat Anh Tien Ice, we understand that the perfect drink deserves the perfect ice.

That's why we've put our expertise in ice-making to the test and developed a unique process to create crystal-clear, high-quality ice for your drinks. Our Craft Ice is made using a special filtration and freezing process that removes impurities and bubbles, resulting in clear and slow-melting ice. We use only the purest water to ensure that the taste of your drink isn't compromised by impurities in the ice.

Our process begins with filtering the water and removing any minerals or contaminants that could affect the clarity of the ice. Next, the water is frozen slowly in a controlled environment, allowing any remaining impurities to rise to the surface and be removed. The result is a perfectly clear, pure ice cube that enhances the flavors of your drink and doesn't dilute it. Plus, our Craft Ice comes in various sizes - 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm - so you can choose the perfect size for your drink.

At Phat Anh Tien Ice, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and purity.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best ice possible for your drinks, and we're confident that you'll taste the difference. So, whether you're a bartender looking to impress your customers or a home mixologist looking to elevate your cocktail game, try our Craft Ice and taste the science behind clear ice. Contact us today to place your order for delivery in HCMC, Vietnam.

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